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Company Overview

There are many sign shops that have continued to grow by expanding into the awning industry and we have grown with them by supplying those components as well to complete an entire awning just as we did for their signs.

Selling sign and awning supplies has been an example of our effort to diversify. More recently though we have returned back to the roots of our business. We began as a sheet metal shop and the area that has grown the most of late has been our supplies to the steel and iron working trade. We have always sold sheets of metal to hardware stores and lumber yards, auto and truck body shops, and a host of other contractors, but as we have turned to a new century, we have also welcomed in greater numbers manufacturers of iron products. The range of metal is never ending. We will entertain your inquiry regardless of its thickness. Whether you need a piece of metal cut to size or a standard size sheet, we can help you.

The iron working trade can think of us as a one stop supplier for everything they need to complete their railing job,
staircase project or any other assignment that comes their way. Many of those type of jobs call for an artistic, creative finishing touch that includes a wide range of choices from ornamental castings, forgings, fence pickets, and spear points - all items that you can find right here.

This company overview has been our way of introducing ourselves to you. We welcome you to browse through the other areas of our web site to get a more complete understanding of our product line and services.

Please contact us with your comments, questions, or constructive criticism. We would like very much to hear from you. One of the good things about the internet is that it has allowed us to contact friends and potential new customers from faraway places that we would not have otherwise heard from.

Thank you for visiting our site.