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About Friedlander M&R Supply Co.,Inc.
Friedlander M&R Supply Co.,Inc. was founded in the early forties by Harry Friedlander as a sheet metal shop. Friedlander M&R Supply Co.,Inc. is now a third generation company providing you with all of your Metal Roof - Fabricator needs in the Upper Montclair, NJ area. Our customers in the Upper Montclair, NJ area depend on us to provide them with the best Metal Roof - Fabricator services. Our highly skilled craftsmen are the best in the industry, and add great value to all of your Metal Roof - Fabricator projects in the Upper Montclair, NJ area. For an estimate, please give Friedlander M&R Supply Co.,Inc. a call at 718-665-3300.
What Makes Us Unique?
With ever changing looks, designs, and materials for all of your Metal Roof - Fabricator needs in the Upper Montclair, NJ area, it is important to be ahead of the curve. Our goal at Friedlander M&R Supply Co.,Inc. is to be at the forefront of change, helping our clients in the Upper Montclair, NJ area to build their Metal Roof - Fabricator projects that will meet all of their needs today and in the future. Friedlander M&R Supply Co.,Inc. has a dedicated staff in the Upper Montclair, NJ area to assist with your Metal Roof - Fabricator projects. Call Friedlander M&R Supply Co.,Inc. today for a free Metal Roof - Fabricator estimate at 718-665-3300.
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Let us make, fix, replace or restore your metal roof.  Common repair issues can be major or just simple wear and tear from the sun, wind, rain or snow.  The life expectancy of any roof can usually be determined by reviewing the warranty, but it's a good idea to have your roof inspected to eliminate any future problems.

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